Bus Safety

 Policy on bus safety    

It is the policy of the Board of Management of St.Brigid’s Primary School that all buses/coaches used to transport our pupils meet the highest standards.
Re: Hire of buses/coaches
It shall be a condition of hire that a company hired by the school, shall have available if requested the following items:
  1. A written guarantee that seatbelts are fitted and in working order.
  2. A copy of the licence of any driver intending to transport our pupils.
  3. A copy of the insurance certificate for any bus/coach used for transporting our pupils.
  4. A copy of the Dept. of Public Enterprise Safety Inspection Report for each bus/coach used for transporting our pupils.
The Board of Management has also determined that, in the event of a bus/coach arriving without seatbelts as promised, that the trip will be postponed. We understand the upset this may cause our young pupils but feel that parents will respect our common desire to put safety above all considerations.
Re: Use of buses
The Board of Management notes that children occasionally travel on Dublin City bus services, which are not hired specifically by the school. Indeed we appreciate that Dublin City Bus occasionally provide such services free gratis. Notwithstanding the fact that seatbelts are not fitted to these buses, the BOM does not seek to restrict the use of such services. However the BOM has decided the following
(a)   they may only be used for trips within the city, where such buses would normally travel.
(b)   there must be only two children per seat and no children may sit in the front seats on the lower or upper decks.
The behaviour of children while on a bus/coach must also meet the highest standards and we commend them and their teachers on the fact that this has not been a problem for us in the past. However we wish to make the following clear:
1.      That children must remain seated at all times.
2.      That seatbelts must be worn at all times.
3.      That children must obey the instructions of their teachers at all times.
4.      That children may not eat or drink on a bus/coach unless given permission to do so by their teacher.
5.      That children must enter and exit a bus/coach quietly and in an orderly manner.
6.      That children must be mindful of other bus users.
7.      That children who consistently disobey the above rules will not be permitted to travel with the school on trips.
Ratified by the BOM, April 27th 2006