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Here in St.Brigid's Primary School, we follow the national curriculum as laid down by the Department of Education. The curriculum is designed to allow schools choose topics of study through which skills and knowledge can be taught in an integrated way. This is especially important for the younger children.

In addition to the set curriculum, we teach Religion and prepare Catholic pupils for the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

We understand the importance of exposing children to European languages at an early stage. French, Spanish or German language and culture are offered to children  as an After-School activity (This will vary from year-to year, depending on the availability of teachers. We were also participants in the Modern Languages in Primary School Initiative and for many years taught Spanish to 5th and 6th classes. Unfortunately, in 2012, this initiative was discontinued by the Dept of Education and we can no longer offer Spanish as a mainstream subject.

For the development of IT skills, the children use laptops on a regular basis. A variety of activities are used to engage the children. We also use the Futurekids IT programmes to develop the IT skills of our older pupils.

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