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Events on  14. December 2018
1st Classes Christmas Shows

1st Classes: 

Christmas Show at 1.15pm in the Community Room



Anniversary Mass for Pat French at 8.15am

Pat French was our school caretaker for several years, He died unexpectedly on December 16th 2018.   Today we hold a mass at 8.15am to mark the first anniversary of his passing.

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08.12.2018 Christmas Camps

11.12.2018 Senior Infants Christmas Shows

12.12.2018 Junior Infants Christmas Shows

13.12.2018 Christmas Shows 2nd Classes

14.12.2018 1st Classes Christmas Shows
Anniversary Mass for Pat French at 8.15am

15.12.2018 Christmas Shows (2nd and 3rd Classes)

19.12.2018 Christmas Shows 5th Classes

20.12.2018 Christmas Shows 5th and 6th Classes

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