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Events on  01. March 2015
Nothing for today.
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04.03.2015 Gifts of the Holy Spirit Mass for Confirmation:in St Mary's Church at 7pm

05.03.2015 World Book Day
Last swimming lesson for 4th Class

06.03.2015 Choir Festival

10.03.2015 Service of Light for Confirmation: in St Brigid's at 6.45pm

12.03.2015 Swimming for 2nd Class...first of six lessons

17.03.2015 St Patrick's Day: Public Holiday- school closed

19.03.2015 First Confession Service for First Communion class

26.03.2015 Confirmation service for 6th class, at 11.00am
Confirmation Service: in St Mary's Church at 11.00am

27.03.2015 Last day of second term

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