Green Schools

We have a Green School Committee in our school who meet frequently with Ms. Saunders to discuss ways in which we can be more environmentally friendly in St. Brigid's. There are two Green School Reps from every class who attend these meetings. These Reps then report back to their classes after every meeting.

2014-5: We are working toward our third flag and so we are focusing on WATER. The committee have lots of ideas and suggestions and we are looking forward to our Day of Action Lá Uisce on Wednesday, February 18th. IDida in 6th Class has written up some information about the importance of water and some practical suggestions on how to conserve water. Click here to read DIda's report.

All  old mobile phones will be welcomed in school and all proceeds will go to the ISPCC. We also recycle stamps, printer cartridges, batteries, plastics and paper. We compost teabags, coffee filters and fruit peelings.


We have received our second Green Flag, the energy flag....2014!

Read Aoife's tips and Dida's energy saving poem.

Read Katrina's energy saving poem.

We were awarded our First Green Flag in May 2011 and it was officially raised by the Minister for Education, Mr.Ruairi Quinn, on June 13th 2011. 

Maith sibh a pháistí!