Homework Policy

Homework Policy

Homework is part of a continuous learning process and in St.Brigid’s Primary School we regard homework as important for the following reasons:
ï‚Ÿ It allows pupils the opportunity to revisit, revise and consolidate skills learned in class.
ï‚Ÿ It can help pupils to make more rapid progress in learning.
ï‚Ÿ It can involve parents and family in the pupil’s work, to their mutual benefit.
ï‚Ÿ It gives pupils an opportunity for independent learning and study.
ï‚Ÿ It forms a link with the methods of study crucial to success at secondary school and in later life.

It also enables the teacher:
ï‚Ÿ To monitor pupil progress with a view to improving standards.
ï‚Ÿ To provide pupils and parents with clear and relevant feedback.
ï‚Ÿ To suggest strategies for improvement and goals to be achieved.
ï‚Ÿ To seek extra resources to support those pupils in need of additional help or additional challenge.

Homework, along with schoolwork, teacher observation, projects, portfolios, diagnostic and standardised tests all lay the foundation for providing an overall picture of a pupil’s progress and development as they move through the school.

All pupils are assigned homework appropriate to their age and class level. Some of their tasks may be designed to consolidate the child’s classroom learning experiences, while other tasks will encourage the child to work independently and with initiative. Reading practice is a priority for all children.

In the Infant classes, the children receive a homework bag on Monday. This bag contains the homework for the week and should be returned on Thursday.

The time required for homework varies by class as follows:
Junior Infants:   10-15 minutes
Senior Infants:   15-20 minutes
1st and 2nd classes:  20-30 minutes
3rd and 4th classes:  30-45 minutes
5th and 6th classes:  45 minutes-60 minutes

These times are guidelines; some children may complete the work in less time. However, if your child is taking more than the guideline time, please confer with the teacher.

Homework is assigned Monday to Thursday, (September-June) leaving the weekend free for family activities. However, pupils may be asked to complete unfinished work at weekends. Homework missed due to illness does not normally have to be completed.

Children are encouraged to read for pleasure every day and parents are encouraged to read to younger children every day.

Children in Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd classes have access to Destination Maths, online maths programme, and are encouraged to use it regularly.

The nature of the homework assigned will inevitably change during such times as Book Week, Christmas, Communion or Confirmation time, Parent-Teacher meetings; occasionally pupils may be given a night off (or a Homework Pass) as a reward for a special effort made by the class or by an individual.

We ask parents to support our Homework policy by:
ï‚Ÿ Providing space and time for their child to do their homework. Turn off the television and radio until the homework is finished.
ï‚Ÿ Checking that the homework is completed and signing the homework journal.
ï‚Ÿ Discussing interesting aspects of the work assigned.
ï‚Ÿ Using the method suggested by the teacher for the learning of spellings.
ï‚Ÿ Regularly checking memorisation of tables.
ï‚Ÿ Informing teachers of problems when they arise.