About St. Brigid's

St.Brigid's is a primary school located in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. 

We are currently building a new school to accommodate our growing school population. This new school will be called St Christopher's Primary School and will be co-educational from Junior Infants through to 6th class. We hope to be moving to the new school in 2019. The new school will be located on the site of the old secondary school on Haddington Road.

Our classes are co-educational (girls and boys together) from Junior Infants to 5th Class, in preparation for our full amalgamation in 2019.  

St.Brigid's is a Catholic school under the patronage of the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin. However, we have pupils of many faiths other than Catholicism, and pupils of no faith.

We have sixteen mainstream classes, and a support teaching team of 7. Our teachers are fully qualified and have a vast range of experiences, talents and special interests. They work as a team to prepare, plan and deliver a high quality education to our pupils. Ongoing assessment and discussion of children's progress is integral to how we work.

Parents are kept informed of their children's progress by several methods: Parent-teacher meetings are held in November (Senior Infants to 6th class) or February (Junior Infants) each year; each child receives an end-of-year report and statement of their results in Standardised Tests (1st-6th classes); parents or teachers may request a meeting if they have a concern about their child and we endeavour to facilitate those meetings as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in applying for a place in St.Brigid's, or would like to organise a visit to the school, please contact us. Use our contact form and we will respond to you. Alternatively, you can call us on (00353 1) 668 1155. Our fax number is (00353 1)668 6074. You can also download our Application Form here.

See photos of our school and neighbourhood below.