Our New School

Our new contractor, Gansons, is making steady progress with our new school building.  Just last week, they started on window installation...a big milestone!

We are planning to move into our new school in September 2019.  We will have 24 mainstream classrooms, 8 SEN rooms, a big gym, other multipurpose rooms and a library.  We are excited to bring our pupils into such great facilities!  The pupils from both St Brigid's and St Mary's are full of enthusiasm for learning and each day bring their best to school. They will really enjoy the new facilities the new school has to offer!


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Amalgamation Newsletter January 2017.

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March 2016

Our new school building is under construction. The demolition phase will take a few months and then we expect to see the foundations begin. The completion date is June 2019 and so we hope to be ready to move in to the new school in September 2019.   If you would like to donate to our fundraising campaign, y ou can do so by clicking on the Pay Now button on our homepage....thank you!

Our new school will be called St Christopher's Primary School and will cater for girls and boys from Junior Infants to 6th Class. 

We are delighted with the design for the school. Our input was welcomed by the design team and so we have been able to add elements to the school which will greatly enhance it as a teaching and learning environment.  

We are currently running a fundraising campaign and need to raise €250,000 to pay for items not covered by the Dept of Education. These include a safety glazed screen for the rooftop playground, a school garden, a kitchen, a stage and seating, link doors, sinks in learning support rooms, finger guards for the doors. There are lots of ways you can help with the fundraising as there are a number of events, big and small, organised for the next few months. Any donations of €250 or more have added benefit to the school through a revenue pay back scheme. Further information on this is available from the school at stbrigidsprimary@gmail.com