Participation in competitions etc

Participation in competitions, commercial events and promotions.

It is school policy not to participate in the marketing or promotion of any commercial products.  We do however participate in the Tesco for Clubs and  Schools scheme to supplement DES grants for ICT or sports equipment.

Competitions undertaken by teachers should not put pressure on parents to purchase a particular commercial product.  Information on relevant competition/ events are distributed by a post holder or principal to relevant classes. Competitions undertaken are at the discretion of the class teacher and her plan of work.

Competitions  are welcomed from outside agencies provided that
• They support certain aspects of the curriculum eg Environmental Awareness and Care, Health or Music- performing/song singing.
• They enhance the school’s links with the community.
• No child is inhibited from participating due to ability levels, or financial considerations.
• There are no implications for insurance or supervision, if participation in a competition/event involves taking groups of children off the school premises.

Competitions undertaken on a regular basis include
Write a Book Project   

Texaco Art Competition.

Credit Union Art Competition 

Credit Union Quiz

Competitions embracing Diversity and Overseas Development (eg: Irish Aid)

Omega Milk Healthy Eating

Mace Safety Programmes


Reviewed March 2009