Policy on Intimate Care

Procedures for changing children

The following procedure will apply in cases of
• Wetting
• Soiling
• Vomiting on clothes

At all times we will maintain the privacy and dignity of the child.

The teacher/SNA will provide the child with a change of underwear, which the child uses to change his/herself.  If necessary, we will provide a complete change of clothes. The teacher/SNA will assist the child with dressing only if absolutely necessary.  If the child has soiled him/herself the parents will be contacted in order to take their child home.  In the event that a parent cannot be contacted the teacher/SNA will do all that is necessary to make the child comfortable.

Wet/soiled clothes will be put in a plastic bag and parents will be informed of what has happened when they collect their child. Parents are asked to return the clothes given to their child, washed and folded.

Changes of clothes and underwear are kept in the secretary’s office in the double cupboard under the sink. Infant teachers also have a change of underwear in their classrooms.