Substance Use Policy

Substance Use Policy

The central objective of this school’s substance use policy is the welfare, care and protection of every student in line with the Education Act, 1998 and the Education (Welfare) Act, 2000.

This policy will address both education concerning alcohol, tobacco and drugs and the procedures for managing incidents relating to these substances.
The policy is applicable to all students, teachers, parents and users of the school building during school time and during all school related activities. The policy has been ratified by the Board of Management (2006).

By the introduction of this policy, and in keeping with our school ethos, we as a staff intend to provide a safe and secure learning environment for learning.

Education concerning substance use
Education about alcohol, tobacco and drugs will be provided within the Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) programme. 
• Our school will focus on the Walk Tall Programme, an SPHE programme for the prevention of Substance Misuse developed by the Department of Education and Science.
• Circle Time will be used in SPHE with all classes to address the issue of drugs, at age-appropriate levels. Children are invited to speak openly and confidentially about the subject.  Various activities will help increase the children’s awareness about drugs during this time.
• In senior classes, the effects of drugs will be explored in Science, using age-appropriate resource materials.

Management of alcohol, tobacco and drug-related incidents

Incidents involving alcohol, tobacco and drug use might be:
• Use or suspected use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs on the school premises or during a school-related activity
• Intoxication/unusual behaviour
• Disclosure about use
• Finding these substances

Due care will be important in deciding on a balance between a pastoral and a disciplinary response. 
In keeping with our Behaviour & Discipline Policy the above incidents would be considered serious offences and will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

• Class teacher will speak to the student about incident.   Teacher must record details of conversation.
• Principal will meet with student and discuss the incident further.
• The student’s parents will be notified and asked to attend a meeting with the Principal and the student.
• Depending on the severity of the incident Gardaí may have to be notified.




Review date: Sept 2010