Supervision Policy
As teachers we accept the duty of care which devolves to us. In St.Brigid’s Primary School we make every effort to ensure that the children in our care are adequately supervised. The Deputy Principal is responsible for drawing up and updating the Supervision Rota, which is on display in the Staff Room.
During Break Times two teachers and one SNA supervise the playground during junior playtime; one teacher supervises during senior playtime. The rules for playground behaviour are revised and reviewed regularly and are well known and repeated often to the children. The playground rules are on display in the playground. The teachers on supervision duty remain with the children until they have all been collected by their own teacher.
During ‘Wet play’ children remain in their classrooms and are supervised by two teachers and one SNA downstairs. Upstairs, the children in Room 14 are dispersed to Rooms 9, 10 and 12 to ensure adequate supervision, and are supervised by a teacher. Children are required to remain seated during ‘Wet play’ time.
In the event of a planned absence the teacher arranges with another teacher to swap supervision duties.  In the event of unplanned absences, the Deputy Principal organises for another teacher to provide supervision. A record of these extra duties is kept in the staffroom.
The Board of Management accepts no responsibility for children before 8.50 a.m.
At 2.30pm, the children disperse in an orderly manner and leave through their allocated exit. Children who attend our After-School Care service and children who are collected by outside After -School services exit through the back door. These children must be 'signed-out'.
Children are supervised descending the stairs and a teacher is on duty at the front door to ensure an orderly dismissal.
Only children who are validly enrolled in an after-school class may remain in the school after 2.30pm.