Swimming Lessons

• To enable pupils to acquire basic swimming skills while they are at St.Brigid’s Primary School.
• To comply with the requirements of the Revised Curriculum in aquatics (See PE programme for strand details).

Each pupil will attend an 8 week session in a swimming pool annually from 2nd – 6th class. The lesson is of one hour’s duration and comprises both water play and instruction.

The swimming pool currently used for lessons is Mespil Pool, off Mespil Road; it has been reserved for the months of Sept-Nov. and Feb-June, on Thursdays from 9.45-11.14am The swimming instructors are provided by the pool management; our instructors are Derek, Fiona and Kevin Kavanagh.

Costs incurred by hiring of pool and payment of instructors necessitate a charge being imposed on each pupil. 50% of the costs are paid by the school from grants provided by the DES. Inability to pay will not preclude a pupil from participating fully in swimming classes.

Parents / guardians will receive a standard letter providing information on school swimming before their child starts their swimming term. In the best interest of the child it is the duty of parents / guardians to inform the class teacher and/ or Principal with regard to any health condition that may affect the child in the pool. It is the policy of this school that all pupils attend swimming lessons, unless exempted by a doctor.
Health and Safety issues:
The children walk to and from the swimming pool with their teacher and one other supervising adult. They are supervised at all times. Pupils are required to behave at all times in a manner that ensures the safety of all involved, while walking, crossing at traffic lights, in the changing rooms and while swimming.

Deodorants etc. must not be brought to pool as the dressing rooms are confined spaces.

The Health and Safety Guidelines outlined by the pool authorities will be strictly adhered to.

Best practice in relation to the supervision, instruction and child protection procedures as outlined by the Irish Sports Council, Swim Ireland and the National Safety Council will be adhered to at all times.

Policy is revised annually or at other times if deemed necessary.

Sept 2016